OnChain Music is a blockchain music distributor and
sync licensing platform for web3 and beyond.

We license music for the metaverse, social media, commercials,
films trailers, TV shows, and more. Start your search below!

What We Do and
How Artists Make Money

Web3 Sync Licensing

We represent many artists and labels, and grant licenses for content creators to use music in the metaverse, on blockchain, as well as the internet, and every other medium. Search for music on our License Platform.

We Distribute

We are currently distributing music to web3 music platforms as well as over 150+ traditional music platforms, like Spotify, Apple Music, etc.. There are no upfront fees to distribute your music with us. You will also retain 90% of your streaming mechanicals.

Content ID Monitoring

We keep track of illegal uploads to YouTube so that you get paid even when someone doesn't license your music. For customers, this means that when you subscribe, you can use any of our music on YouTube and Twitch. All tracks are DMCA safe.

We Mint NFTs

We create unique digital collectibles for our Artists. The items are then tradable on the blockchain. Examples of NFTs include: digital artwork, music, or exclusive access to products or services. View our NFT collections.


Prior to distributing your music, we make sure the quality is globally competitive. Your tracks will be mastered to commercial standards.

You Get Paid in Cash or Crypto

When your music is streamed, downloaded, or licensed, you make money. When it comes time for you to get paid, we can either pay you in cryptocurrency, such as Tether (USDT) or in USD.

Customer Benefits

Clearance for YouTube

When you have an active subscription, you can use any of the music on our platform for YouTube. You will not receive any copyright infringement notices.

DMCA Safe for Twitch

All of the songs on our platform can be used for twitch streaming without any DMCA takedown notices! Subscribe now to start using our music.

Variety of Music

We represent over 23,000 tracks from over 1,000 Artists. All tracks include alternate mixes and most of them have stems. Some catalogs are exclusively represented by OnChain Music, such as 3rd Apex, Epitome Music, and Ad Qs.

Single Use Needle Drop

If you don't want to subscribe, we also offer a per-use needle drop price. Once you find the track(s) you like, click on the shopping cart icon to securely check out.

Music Searches and Playlists

Overwhelmed with work? Let us know what style of music you need, and we'll put together a custom playlist at no charge. Contact us with your music search today.

Customer Support

We're here to help. If you have any questions about quotes, which rights you need, or questions about our platform, contact us and we will respond promptly.

Road Map

Introduction to OnChain Music

Interview with Ben Kopec

Featured Artists


Rijan Archer

Villa Dom

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Smiz the Moneykid

"Distributing my music with OnChain has been a great investment for my career. I'm making good royalties from the blockchain sites, and it's fun to be part of something so revolutionary."

Eric Bolvin

"Working with Ben Kopec and OnChain has been a great experience. The process is easy and Ben is there to explain all the details. And I made more from OnChain streaming royalties this year than I have made in a lifetime on Spotify, Apple and Amazon COMBINED!"

BJ Sam

"Wow! I am so mesmerized and grateful to have my music on blockchain platforms. Any artist who is not using OnChain is missing out. They paid me properly and promptly, and brought my music career to limelight. I can't imagine recording new music without distributing it with OnChain Music."

George Sladek

"Working with Ben on his music ventures has been great. After spinning my wheels for many years, I am getting my music heard. In addition to all that, I'm being paid for my hard work. Thanks Ben!"

Artist NFTs

We help artists sell their NFTs by collaborating on marketing plans that will engage and motivate fans as well as digital asset collectors.

Contact us now for more details.

Referral Program (side hustle)

Want to help spread the word and earn $MUSIC tokens? For each person you refer to OnChain Music that also becomes an artist on our roster, you will earn 100 $MUSIC tokens. After you sign up, a unique referral link will automatically be created for you.

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