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Ben Kopec

CEO and Founder

Zack Kiley

Technology Infrastructure Architect

Daniel Brown

CIO Chief Information Officer


John Carrubba

Chief Financial Officer

Maurice Simmons

Full Stack Developer

Adrian Olesnyckyj

Artist Relations


Jordan Ring

Branding / Marketing / Photography

Kristine Angela

Database Administrator



Ken Foster

Founder of Blockpool

Jonathan Firstenberg

President of REP, Owner of 3 EAR Music Group

Eddie Corral

CEO PeerTracks, SounDAC


Chris Kopec

Consultant, Owner of CE1 TECH LLC

John Soucy

Software Security

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About Us

About Us

OnChain Music exists to help Artists, Bands, Singer Songwriters, DJ, and Musicians of all types to earn royalties on the blockchain. We also make their music available for sync licensing, including the metaverse. This is achieved through web3 music distribution, traditional distribution, sync licensing, and the sale of NFTs. We know how difficult it can be to keep up with emerging technologies, such as blockchain. We face these challenges head on, so Artists can continue to focus on being creative.

We firmly believe musicians should be paid more for their music. Here at OnChain Music, we are all music lovers and empathize with the daily struggles of trying to make it in the music industry. We are on the front lines fighting for the best interest of the Artists.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Some of the features we provide include:

  • Sync Representation and YouTube Content ID monitoring
  • Distribution to all known blockchain music platforms and 200+ traditional streaming platforms
  • Helping to create NFTs and list for sale
  • Setting up Artist accounts on web3 music platforms, managing them, and collecting streaming royalties.
  • Prompt customer service. Ask us anything, anytime.