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Whether you are an Artist or a Label, we can distribute your music to all of the blockchain music platforms (BMPs). Sign up, send us the music, sit back, and collect 85% of all revenue generated.

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We are currently distributing to Aurovine, Audius, XSongs, and Emanate. We plan to distribute to many more platforms once they become available.

You Get Paid in Crypto

When your music is streamed or downloaded, you earn crypto. When it comes time for you to get paid, we cash out your tokens and send you either USD or USDT (Tether). If you recevie Tether (a stable coin cryptocurrency), you can easily buy back the music tokens if you want to hold them for a long term investment.

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Rijan Archer

Villa Dom

Real Time Wallet Balances

Get an updated overview of your token balances from all of the blockchain music sites!

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Smiz the Moneykid

"Distributing my music with OnChain has been a great investment for my career. I’m making good royalties from the blockchain sites, and it’s fun to be part of something so revolutionary."

Eric Bolvin

"Working with Ben Kopec and OnChain has been a great experience. The process is easy and Ben is there to explain all the details. And I made more from OnChain streaming royalties this year than I have made in a lifetime on Spotify, Apple and Amazon COMBINED!"

BJ Sam

"Wow! I am so mesmerized and grateful to have my music on blockchain platforms. Any artist who is not using OnChain is missing out. They paid me properly and promptly, and brought my music career to limelight. I can't imagine recording new music without distributing it with OnChain Music."

George Sladek

"Working with Ben on his music ventures has been great. After spinning my wheels for many years, I am getting my music heard. In addition to all that, I'm being paid for my hard work. Thanks Ben!"

Referral Program (side hustle)

Want to help spread the word and earn money? For each person you refer to OnChain Music, and after they sucessfully activate their account, you will earn $10 each. After you sign up, a unique referral link will automatically be created for you. You can also access your referral code here.